Lessons learned from the Eiffel Tower

original article What We Can Learn From The Eiffel Tower Scott Berkun ScottBerkun.com 31 March 2016 Scott Berkun recounts some of the history behind the Eiffel Tower as a way to highlight a few useful lessons: “All ideas are made from other ideas,” “Conviction moves ideas forward,” “Even the best ideas meet resistance,” “Long term commitments […]

Competing on Context

original article The matter with metadata: why are taxonomies still so taxing? Natalie Guest The Literary Platform 18 March 2016 When content escapes from its container, contextual metadata about the content drives its dynamic flexibility for use and re-use on the web.  But first impressions matter, so if that metadata is of lesser quality it may […]

Mind the (generation) gap

original article | original article Buzzwords Like Millennials Describing 20 Year Age Cohorts Are Bullshit | Five Rules For Managing Intergenerational Teams Adam Singer | Jessica Kriegel The Future Buzz | Fast Company 4 March 2016 | 14 March 2016 Much has been made of various generations  — Baby Boomers, GenX, and Millennials — their characteristics, and the differences […]

Turning over a new leaf

original article A Computer With a Great Eye Is About to Transform Botany Margaret Rhodes Wired 17 March 2016 Botany has relied on carefully constructed “fat reference books” detailing “leaf architecture” for identification — until now. A partnership between Penn State and Brown University has resulted in machine learning for leaves. This computer assistance could […]

Stand and deliver

original article Stand To Work If You Like, But Don’t Brag About The Benefits Angus Chen Shots | Health News from NPR 17 March 2016 Feel like you’re missing out on the standing desk trend? After all that talk about “standing is the new smoking” it turns out that there is no science to support […]

Algorithm, You Can Drive My Car

original article Google’s Self-Driving Car Causes First Accident, As Programmers Try To Balance Human Simulacrum And Perfection Karl Bode Techdirt 1 March 2016 Accidents happen.  But when a collision between a Google self-driving car and another vehicle was blamed, for the first time, on the software doing the driving rather than on a human, another round of questions […]

Evolving – it’s harder than it looks

original article Why The Heck Can’t We Change Our Product? Steven Sinofsky Medium 8 February, 2016 “Change” is the drumbeat powering most tech companies. If you are starting from scratch, disruption is easy. But once you have an established user base, and particularly if you are lucky enough to have a loyal and committed user base, implementing […]

What’s next for Above The Fold?

Above The Fold will continue after I depart. I’m pleased that my colleagues in OCLC Research are taking it on. At first they plan to make the email newsletter into a monthly occurrence and then ramp up the number of issues once a pattern has been established.  I think readers will continue to enjoy ATF […]

Everything you need to know…fits on a catalog card

This is my last scheduled ATF post because this is my final day at OCLC. As I have moved closer to this retirement date over the last months I’ve had the chance to say grateful farewells to a lot of people. Earlier this month we had a very nice open house (photos) to celebrate moving […]

Skin (artificial, in the game, left behind)

Ioannis Yannas looks back wistfully on the surprising discovery of artificial skin (VIDEO). All The Money In The World, In A Single Chart | Co.Exist | ideas + impact Causes of Death | FlowingData ᔥ fastcoexist.com The first because it’s a moving story told with great emotion. It is a breakthrough that was a direct […]