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A Computer With a Great Eye Is About to Transform Botany
Margaret Rhodes
17 March 2016

Botany has relied on carefully constructed “fat reference books” detailing “leaf architecture” for identification — until now. A partnership between Penn State and Brown University has resulted in machine learning for leaves. This computer assistance could help scientists work more quickly, and transform botany as we know it.

Scholarship is changing and things that used to require close attention from humans, from lemmatization to classification are now being done with the help of computers. This is resulting in data sets — lots of them, for all kinds of things. Data curation is, of course, a thing for research libraries but planning data curation with reuse in mind should be a thing as well. Fortunately my colleague Ixchel Faniel has spent a lot of time thinking about the reuse side of data as she explains in this interview for dh+lib.


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