Above the Fold (ATF) began in September 2008 as a weekly electronic newsletter (archives) that sought to bring attention to items of interest from beyond the normal reading sphere of the librarians and information professionals served by OCLC. Subscribe here.  Beginning in June 2014 this blog became the principal vehicle for the production of the newsletter.atf

As a serial publication ATF serves a broad international readership from libraries, archives and museums and consists of a compendium of articles that relate to the work of OCLC Research, the Research Library Partnership and the information context in which we’re all operating—but that readers might not see in the course of their regular awareness routines. Each citation includes a short annotation explaining why we think the article is of interest. Each note is attributed to the staff member whose thoughts on the issue and its relevance can be tapped. And each recommendation goes out on the  @ATFOCLC Twitter account.

Above the Fold is prepared by OCLC Research; principally by Jim Michalko, Vice President, OCLC,  Research Libraries but he is often joined by his colleagues in the division.

Blog readers are welcome to join the conversation and share their thoughts.


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